Affiliate marketing

VirtualXS offers affiliate marketing in the broadest sense of the word. Webmasters and merchants thrive on traffic, ISO's/agents thrive on relationships/contacts. We bring those worlds together in our affiliate marketing platform. Webmasters can select from a large number of partner programs our merchants have to offer. If you are a webmaster and looking for a specific niche to promote, please contact us so that we can bring you in contact with one or more of our merchants.

Merchants have the ability to make use of our partner program integrated in our billing platform. This enables them to get the most detailed information about their affiliated webmasters. Besides our own affiliate platform, we also offer integration with NATS and MPA3.

Define your own programs

By defining multiple program policies merchants allow their affiliates to choose a promotion scheme that fits their needs (i.e. flat fee or rev share). It is possible to centrally upgrade webmasters to higher payout levels based on their performance.

The flexibility in defining those program policies is quite extensive, merchants can for instance assign separate fixed or percentage payouts to initial and/or recurring sales and define yet another payout for phone minutes.

Account types

Affiliates can be registered under three different account types: affiliate webmaster accounts, tracking-accounts and partner sub-accounts.

  • A webmaster account is the general affiliate who joined via the merchants webmaster portal signup form.
  • A tracking account is used to track a merchants own promotions like (google) ad campaigns.
  • A partner sub-account is used when you share the complete site income with a partner, e.g. a content provider.

ISO's / Agents

ISO's / Agents are overlooked by a lot of PSP's. We believe this group is an important part of our success and we reward them with life time revenue share for merchants they connect with us.

If you are interested in becoming an agent for VXS's services, please contact us. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities to mutual benefit.


Pricing for our affiliate program is very straight forward: 250 Euro per month and a 500 Euro one time setup fee. We do not charge a monthly fee per click, per sale, per ticket, no tiers, one price fits all.

There are no additional costs for training/support, we provide extensive documentation to take merchants step by step through the setup so they can offer their webmasters the best affiliate marketing solution.

Features - Traffic

Pay fixed amount or percentage
Merchants can define the program that best suits their webmasters traffic and pay a fixed fee or a percentage per transaction like initial signups, renewals or shop sales. Various payment methods like credit/debit cards and phone access are supported.
Geo targeting / redirecting
Geo Targeting can be used to redirect traffic which either originated via clicks (link codes/banners) or hosted galleries from specific countries and/or webmasters, to specific URLs like landing pages in the endusers' language.
Webmaster referral payout
As a merchant, a great solution to broaden your webmaster base is to offer webmaster referral payouts. In exchange for affiliate webmasters bringing other webmasters to your platform they get a percentage of the reffered webmasters' sales.
Extensive real-time statistics
We provide in-depth statistics, from high-level management overviews to detailed click-to-sale conversions and traffic per referrer url. Those statistics are available to both merchants and individual affiliate webmasters. Updates are realtime so you see immediate effect of changes in promotional traffic.
Fraud detection
As a merchant you want to be able to detect rogue affiliates. We offer a bunch of tools to detect anomalies in traffic and sales conversions and allow you to drill down to transaction level and cross-match informational details.
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