Various documents can be downloaded here.

Application forms

Prospective merchants can download application forms below, if you would like more information please contact us.
Merchant Application Form Paysquare (English)
To apply for a merchant account with Paysquare,
please fill in this form and send it to
Merchant Application Form Paysquare (Dutch)
Aanvraagformulier voor merchant account bij Paysquare,
Nederlandsetalige merchants kunnen dit formulier mailen naar

Technical documentation (API)

The following downloads are available for active merchants. If you are not a Virtualxs merchant yet, please contact us.
Member API
Updating, upgrading or canceling members.
Order API
Order creation and verification.
Sign up API
Options for use on payment pages, including session management.
Statistics API
Pull various statistics for integration in merchants own backend or download for off-line analysis.
Transaction Rebill API
How to create a transaction based on a previous one, check its status and (optionally) do a refund.
Validation API
The Member Management postback API
Transaction Gateway API
Low-level transaction gateway integraion. This API is only available on request (PCI compliance required).
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