Payment processing

VirtualXS provides credit card billing and various other payment methods under the name VXSBill. We can clear all Mastercard, VISA, Maestro, Ideal and Sofort transactions and also offer phone billing. All against very competitive rates. We are NOT a 3rd party billing company, instead we function as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) for banks. We can assist you in acquiring merchant accounts with those banks allowing you to handle online transactions through our platform.

We are specialised in, but surely not limited to, high risk processing. This specific market needs a different kind of approach related to chargeback and retrieval handling and fraud management. Our knowledge gained over the years in this area is beneficial for all merchants.

Acquiring Banks

Being a Dutch Payment Service Provicer, the main partner bank we work with is Worldline.
Worldline will be your contract partner and will make the payments directly to your bank account, we are not a collecting PSP!

Pricing Banks

The costs for setting up a merchant account and processing your transactions through Worldline is as follows:

Setup fee: 135 Euro
Per transaction fee: 2.0 - 4.7%, depending on the transaction volume and nature of your business.
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Pricing VirtualXS

Payout of funds from your merchant account is done directly by our acquiring bank partners. We are not in the financial flow and will invoice you seperately on a monthly basis.

VXSBill rates
Setup fee: none
Monthly fees:
- 50 Euro per web site
- 100 Euro per merchant account
Per transaction fee: 0.15 - 0.50 euro, depending on transaction volume. Get a quotation

NOTE : VirtualXS pricing includes all the services like 3DSecure, fraud scrubbing and transaction management, no additonal fees apply!

Features - Payment methods

Worldwide credit card processing
The vast majority of E-comm payments is done via credit cards. VirtualXS supports credit card payments with VISA and MasterCard, the leaders in business. If you want to accept payments worldwide, this is your best solution.
Worldwide debit card processing
With over 500 Million cards worldwide Maestro has a high coverage and therefore is an interesting alternative to customers who don't have a credit card.
Online Banking solutions
VirtualXS offers merchants both Sofort and iDEAL as an online banking real-time payment method. To consumers, Sofort and Ideal use the same environment as their banks' online banking site. Furthermore, no sensitive information is being shared, making it a very secure payment method.
Pay by Phone
By using Premium Rate Numbers merchants can offer endusers direct anonymous access to their website. This payment method is very popular in Europe in countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and France.

Features - Payment security

AVS checking with blacklist
Our AVS system verifies all the basic information like IP vs. country vs. issuer country and checks against e-mail- and IP blacklists.

By cross-checking transaction data, we are able to build up a thorough blacklist, raising the bar for possible fraud.
Fraud detection module
Since 2000 we have gained our unique experience in high risk processing which has resulted in a strong fraud detection module. In addition to this automated process, we also run extensive daily manual checks to be able to catch even more rogue transactions. By implementing those systems by default, we gurantee we can keep merchant chargeback levels within limits.
PCI Level 1 Certified
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has definded the PCI DSS standard to enhance payment card data security.

VirtualXS' Validation of compliance is done annually by a certified QSA, so you can rest assured sensitive card holder data is safe with us.
Own payment pages without PCI!!
We offer merchants an exclusive solution to keep their customers on their own web site domain during checkout while still complying with PCI regulations. Sensitive card holder information is send to our servers directly without store or forward on the merchant side. Merchants keep their customers in a familiar environment, while off-loading pci requirements to our side. This results in the best conversion.

Features - Membership / Order

One click buy
One click buy allows merchants to process transactions of returning customers without them having to input their payment information. The more comfortable we make it for consumers to buy, the more likely they will be returning as a customer.
Recurring billing
A great feature for membership websites; automatically rebill customers at pre-defined price points and schedule. Have trials rebill into full memberships, automatically upgrade memberships, it's all integrated.
As a merchant, sell additional products or services to customers amongst your own sites or between other merchants you partner with. Cross/Up-sales are a great way to increase the per customer value.
Member Upgrade
Members can be upgraded anytime according pre-defined product package specifications. We offer various member upgrade paths to provide maximum flexibility and guarantee customer satisfaction. We provide multiple ways to deal with remaining value / time of existing memberships.
Member management
Not only can we automatically handle (recurring) payments for membership type sales, we can also take care of the whole member registration / update process.

This includes creating / updating login credentials in a secure way and providing a post back API interface to the merchant's local authentication/authorization database.
Real time member updates
Adding, updating or deleting of members all take place in real time. This means new members get immediate access to the restricted area of the web site after payment has completed (typically in seconds).

Customers who have canceled their membership will be granted access for the remainder of the last paid term, but no longer. In cause of fraudulent activity however, memberships can be canceled with immediate effect.

Features - Support and Reports

Versatile payment pages
Our payment pages are provided in 14 different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portugese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese). Translations are provided for the payment checkout, membership cancelation, password retrieval and general information pages.

You can fully adjust the look and feel of the payment pages to match your own website for the best customer experience.
Realtime on-line reports
Merchants and affiliates will have access to realtime on-line reporting. We provide in-depth statistical information that is rated as one of the best in the industry.

Making complex data comprehensible, easy to use and yet not loose detail is a field we put much effort in and are proud about.
High risk accounts
Due to years of knowledge in high risk processing and exclusive relations with our acquirers we are their prefered partner for high risk processing. We have specific market knowledge and extensive scrubbing options and are happy to extend those advantages to you as a merchant.
Cascading billing
For medium and large volume merchants, cascading billing can be an interesting solution to maximise approval ratios of transactions. Our platform is enabled for this technology and management is made easy.
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